• The Screw and Barrel alignment methods

    Extruder barrel alignment is one of the most important aspects of a properly and efficiently operating plastics extrusion process. Whether it’s a blown film line, injection molding or extruded sheet process, the relationship between the rotational center of the thrust shaft in the gearbox and the rotational center of the screw are vital. [View Details]
  • Extruder Screw Barrel Design Considerations

    Plastic extruder screw barrel, and screw tightly, in normal operation, should pay attention to the following important characteristics. [View Details]
  • A Single Screw Barrel Extruder How Can Save Power?

    Single Screw Barrel extruder as a common extruder equipment for the plastics processing industry, but now in our China are mainly high-power, if not energy-saving type, it will consume a lot of resources, but in fact the process of operation , Master some skills, you can save power. [View Details]
  • Basic Specification For Twin Screw Barrel Operation

    preheat heating: the total power switch and each section of the electric heater power switch on, according to the process of the heating zone (120 degrees) to set the parameters, began to heat up. [View Details]
  • The preventive maintenance of injection molding machine screw barrel

    Excessive wear will cause serious loss to processors. The excessive clearance between the screw thread and the cylinder surface will affect the performance, efficiency and energy consumption of the machine. In extrusion, wear may result in lower extrusion of the extruder screw barrel and hence higher screw speeds and energy requirements. [View Details]
  • Innovative Technology Trends In Twin Screw Barrel

    Twin-screw market innovation technology trends: twin-screw processing technology has become a widely used plastic processing industry, a means of processing, the corresponding competition is also extremely fierce. [View Details]
  • China's top plastics machinery manufacturers rankings

    The China Plastic Machine Industry Association has unveiled its latest rankings of the top 25 plastics machinery suppliers in China as well as leading firms for specific product categories - including injection presses, extrusion machinery, blow molding machinery and auxiliary equipment. [View Details]

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